Monday, October 5, 2009

Ok. Starting.... NOW.

I know I said on Thursday that I wanted to blog every day for two weeks and now it's Monday. But I have a good excuse, for realsies. Thursday after I blogged I was feeling spontaneous and Brighton wanted to go to the zoo, so we went! It was way fun. Then I was still feeling spontaneous so I decided to drive to Idaho Falls. We were planning a girls weekend at the cabin and it kind of fell apart but Heather was still flying in from Las Vegas, so I decided to drive over and Tami and Autym came and we all went to the cabin and chilled all weekend. I scrapbooked the entire time and got tons done and it was basically really relaxing. I left Bright with Aaron for the weekend and I think they had way too much fun with balloons. So now I'm back!

Here is Brighton at the zoo. She is OBSESSED with that yellow dress. "Mountain Grandma" (Aaron's mom) sent it to her and she loves it. She fishes it out of the dirty clothes to wear it and wants to wear it every day. It is her "rerow dress". So she spotted it in the laundry pile and said "My rerow dress!" but it was only like in the 50's that day but she was so determined to wear it I had to put long sleeves and tights under it. :) Still super cute. I really didn't know a two-year-old could be SO obsessed with clothes!

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We did have a GREAT time! Missed Lynzi and Marthea, but still had tons of fun!!!!!
I LOVE the rerow dress! - - - and it looks good with a shirt and tights! Brighton has good fashion sense!