Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall fun

Part of me loves fall because I love the colors, my birthday and getting to pull out fall clothes. Shallow, huh. ;) But I dread it because it means winter is coming! And now that I don't do much snowboarding, winter is just a drag! But fall is great, while it lasts.
We took Brighton to Linder Farms which is this huge, awesome pumpkin patch. Brighton went through the hay maze like five times and we had fun picking out pumpkins. Lately it is a total challenge to get her to look at the camera for pictures. She is openly rebellious about it. I guess almost three years of constant picture taking is wearing on her!

This past weekend our friends hosted a Halloween carnival where each family did a booth. Aaron has recently discovered a talent, nay, a passion, for balloon tying. He spent all of Saturday looking up different techniques for making balloon creations and he was a hit at the party!

Brighton was a Superhero Princess... a costume I envisioned in my sleep one night. She had silver superhero arm and leg cuffs and a belt and a cape and a princess skirt and a crown and her favorite part was getting to wear the makeup mask.

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Gregg said...

Love the costume!