Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've totally become the nosy neighbor

Aaron talks about this neighbor they had that they loved to provoke because she was always watching them and would periodically call the police on them. He and his brothers have some funny stories about her..sister.. someone.
Anyway, that's totally me. There used to be two teenage boys living across the street and now one is graduated and one is living with his mom. So today I come home around lunchtime and there are four boys sitting in the bed of a truck, hanging out in front of the house and I totally gave them the stare-down... the stink-eye if you will. Now I keep looking out the window to see if they're still there because I know they should be in school! LOL. Why do I have nothing better to do? A while ago they had a party while their dad was out of town and I kept watching to see if they were bringing in keggers or something. How lame am I?

But I guess I would want neighbors watching out for my kids... Growing up I could never figure out how I ALWAYS got busted for stuff when my parents were out of town. Did they have surveillance cameras watching our comings and goings? How did they find out when I took the car for a drive around the block before I had my license? Well I know now, it was Brother Fillmore. LOL. Then there was the time that was so coincidental it was not funny. My brother Gregg had his license but I didn't. After school I begged him to let me drive and he finally said I could drive for like 5 seconds in the mall parking lot. So I got in the driver's seat and drove up ONE row of cars and who do you think pulls up behind me? MY DAD!!! How he just happened to be in the mall parking lot at 4:00 in the afternoon at the same time is still beyond me but I was SO BUSTED! It's funny to think about all the things I never got away with when I was a teenager. I'm sure I'm in for a handful if there is such thing as karma!
P.S. I love Halloween because I love those little boxes of DOTS so much!


Mom said...

Brooke - Brooke - Brooke!!!!! Remember? We've told you and told you that we have eyes in the back of our heads! That's just what happens when you are a parent! Yours haven't shown up yet because you just have one sweet child. Wait till you have more kids, or they grow a little - you'll notice them popping out in the back of your head too!


P.S. I think that's Heavenly Father's way of helping us raise children - - - the new eyes!

Gregg said...

If we had only gone around the block 2 times instead of 3, we would have gotten away with it. It was that last 3rd lap in which Denny saw us, and our parents pulled up to the house, just before we did!

Brooke said...

OH yeah! I forgot that mom and dad pulled up. But there was another time that I got busted for something because of another neighbor.

Tami said...

I totally got a DOTS hangover the day after Halloween. I love Dots soooo much, but I can never eat that much sugar again!