Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back to blogging the basics

Blogging feels like so much pressure to me, which I know isn't the way it's supposed to be. It's like "blah-ging". Especially if I'm going to blog about my family life, I just need to keep it to the simple memories I want to remember. SO- I have a new goal. I want to blog at least a sentence a day for at least two weeks. It will get me in the habit of thinking of things to blog about and hopefully will help me see the shining spots in my day.
Aaron and I were talking about what it's like to stay home with Bright and although I love it, the days can be monotonous. So this will help me find humour in everyday life... I hope.
Also, sweet Aaron bought me a camera for my birthday. He has a big-honkin' digital SLR and every time I want to take a pic of something during the day I have to drag it out. So he bought me a tiny Kodak easyshare, which is perfect. I keep it right on the kitchen bar so I can whip it out and take pictures.

PERFECT!- As I was writing Brighton came in the room and said, "watch this!" She was attempting to pat her head and rub her tummy at the same time and actually doing a pretty good job, so I snapped a picture. (Yes, she's still in pajamas, but aren't those the cutest PJ's ever?)

Yesterday's picture was of her sleeping on the couch, but you'll notice she's wearing a diaper over her pants. She wanted to play baby and so I put a diaper on her, lol... And the funniest thing she said yesterday was at Costco. We had just had a sample of soy milk (I could write a whole blog post about Costco)... Anyway then I went to buy milk and Bright says "but you just had milk." Me: "This milk is for our house." Bright: "But I thought houses couldn't drink milk." :)

Also, I promise every day won't be solely about the funny things Brighton says. Actually, I can't promise that. Maybe nothing else funny will happen. But I'll try. Promise.

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Rochelle said...

love it so cute! I totally agree with the blah-ging sometimes or brag-ging. But I really enjoy reading yours!