Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And Toto Too!

I forgot that part of doing a "family blog" is posting pictures of recent family activities. So here we are on Halloween. I have known that Brighton was going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I kind of wanted to do the "Good Witch" thing... but I've been feeling lazy and un -spirited, so I was going to pass. But then Aaron was all, "I don't want to do the scarecrow if you aren't going to do Glenda" and so I'm all, "fine". So this was a reject bridesmaid shirt from my wedding and the skirt Lynzi wore at my wedding. The shirt is glittery and super itchy, so my sisters better thank their lucky stars and me (by sending me chocolate in the mail) that I didn't make them wear these hideous shirts. And I thank my mom for putting up with me and having the good shirts made special. (This was my one Bridezilla moment that I felt entitled to.) Anyway, I digress. I was too lame to make a cool Glenda crown and wand, so this crown is my friend Natalie's son's Lego King Crown. I looked like a weird reject princess.
And can I just say how much I love Boise? In Idaho Falls you have to plan your costumes to fit over snow suits and here she didn't even need tights or a coat! It was awesome.

Oh PS, you can see a little video of Halloween under our videos. I'm still trying to figure that little video section out, cause right now its linked to Aaron's YouTube page, which has snowboarding stuff on it, so I'm in the process of making my own page with family videos, although the snwoboarding ones are awesome Aaron.
PPS. I just watched the Park City snowboarding video and realized that watching Aaron snowboard is totally HOT, so I'm keeping it up.


mom said...

I think you looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And - can I just say that you really didn't have a Bridezilla moment. The new shirts were much better than the old itchy ones. You only get married once, so I'm glad it was good. Now I digress. I bet you three were the cutest family in OZ! I'm glad you didn't need coats, BUT - we did a Trunk or Treat in Idaho falls, and guess what????? No one had to wear coats!!!! OK - that was probably the only time in 10 years, so enough said.

I love you and I love your blog!
Mom ;-)

Brooke said...

Aw, thanks mom!

Helena said...

She is just adorable! And getting so big!