Thursday, November 6, 2008

I achieved something I never thought possible!

Tonight I did something that I've heard legends of, but never really believed possible. Sure, other people might be able to do this miraculous feat, but not I. (Like a marathon, or a 10 mile run on the treadmill.) But sometimes we surprise ourselves. Sometimes the one thing we think we can never accomplish; we do. It just takes hard work, dedication and an incredible support system.

Tonight I....

Overdosed on candy corn.

I've heard people say how they can never eat candy corn because they once OD'd and I thought, no way... I could never eat so many candy corn that I'd never want another sweet morsel again. But now it's a reality. If I eat one more candy corn I will vomit.

Walgreens 75% off Halloween candy sale, You are the wind beneath my wings! Thank you for helping me flyyyy... so high I almost touched the sky.. thank you...thank you.. the wind beneath my wings.


Sarahs Mind said...

HaHa i have been looking a blogs all day and when i read about the OD you experienced with candy cone i chuckled .. So do you really think that you will never eat candy corn again ever?


Brooke said...

I will absolutely eat candy corn again. In fact, since "OD'ing" I have probbably eaten 50 more candy corns. I have no integrity when it comes to food.

Katie Evans Photography said...

Hi Brooke, I was happy to stumble across your blog today! You made me laugh with the candy corns! I found myself smiling every time someone dropped a butterfingers in my kids Halloween bucket...the kids never know they're missing! :)

Katie (Perkes) Evans