Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NEWS FLASH- Toddler sleeps without binky

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Breaking news just in this afternoon. An Idaho toddler, who previously has been attached to a binky, has gone to sleep without it. Authorities involved don't know what caused the sudden shift in behavior but believe it may be due to the introduction of a pillow into the crib.

The family of the toddler is too stunned today to comment but a family spokesperson released this statement:
"While the miraculous event might be a one-time occurrence, the parents involved are obviously very pleasantly shocked at the recent developments. Party music and dancing has been seen at the residence today. I, personally knowing the parents, believe it is the work of an amazing mother, who uses her beauty, her instincts and sticks to her guns. Also, sheer dumb luck."
The toddler involved had this to say, "Mama, dada, nana, bampa, elmo, carebear, snowman, Pffhslhhh."

I believe...wait... yes we do now have some pictures coming into the newsroom that we'd like to show you...

This photo illustrates how attached this toddler is to her binky and what an amazing phenomenon it is for her to sleep without it, something we might not see for many months to come. Kinda like a solar eclipse.


Joy said...

Yeah!!!! It's stories like these that make me wonder if my choosing to let my son suck his thumb instead of paci was a failure of my mothering skills. You see, you can't take away a thumb. Not without some kind of elective surgery and then the authorities get all snippy about it. :)

Rochelle said...

okay, she is the cutest thing ever!!! Dorothy for Halloween! I love your blog. And the video where she is kissing Daddy. Damon has that same sippy cup, the orange with purple lid! It was so fun to chat with you. Now we can stay in touch better!

Tami Nielsen said...

That is the freaking funniest post ever! I'm never going to be as good at this as you. Of course, maybe when I get two seconds to think about anything besides crafts, I might have a coherent thought to write down!

Gregg Hale said...

When it comes to "Flaky Videos" don't forget this gem of Uncle Gregg giving Brighton her first Oreo:

Kristin said...

I found your blog thru Heather Hansen's blog. You have the cutest little family! I haven't seen you in a long time, but you look like everything is going great! How's Lynzi doing? Kristin{Mays}Dalton